Pre-built Binaries

Binaries are maintained for both KWIVER and Fletch, a bundle of dependencies. Binaries currently exist for Ubuntu 14.04, MacOSX, and 32-bit Windows. To use the binaries, extract both the KWIVER and Fletch tarballs into the root directory (for Ubuntu and Mac) or C:\ (for Windows).

Existing KWIVER Open Source Repositories

Available components of the KWIVER toolkit are available through Kitware’s github.

Existing KWIVER Government Open Source Repositories (on

Kitware’s WAMI tracker is available on at The product of multiple years of development, Kitware’s real-time, full-frame WAMI tracker has been used operationally overseas. The tracker is available as source code for government use on A account is required for access and is available with government sponsorship.

Existing Data Sets

The VIRAT video dataset is available at The VIRAT video dataset contains more than ten hours of realistic, natural, and challenging video surveillance data, particularly in terms of its resolution, background clutter, diversity in scenes, and human activity/event categories. Ground truth is provided for all movers and more than 10 event types.